Why everyone can be a Hacker

Why everyone can be a Hacker? A computer hacker is a skilled computer expert who uses his expertise to overcome any computer challenge. But in most cases when most people hear the word hacker, what comes on their mind is a person who can use their computer knowledge to break into other people’s computer systems and get whatever information they want.

Anyone can become a hacker and it is the intentions that put a gap between the two types of hackers. There are those hackers who use their skills for the good of the society and there are those who have malicious intentions and they have made the name hacker have that meaning. I know a lot of people who do hacking just for fun and they have no malicious intentions. Their only intentions are to show people how their network can be vulnerable.

Why everyone can be a Hacker

With how mobile networks are vulnerable, anyone can become a hacker! One of the most targeted by “attackers” is the Wi-Fi that most people use. With the use of some software, a person can violate your Wi-Fi network and get whatever he wants.

In this article, I am going to show you how hacking can be easy and guide you with some steps that can help you become a hacker.

The simplicity of network attacks.

You really don’t need to have much expertise to use the vulnerabilities of networks and make the best out of them. The information can be obtained easily through the following vulnerabilities:

  • A device that has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can easily be hacked.
  • People who connect their devices on the unprotected network can easily be targeted.
  • Even the information that flows via the secure apps can also be hacked.

Many people believe that only expert hackers can manipulate this information. The fact is anyone can manipulate this information and get whatever he or she wants. You can even learn how to become a hacker online by just googling. They’re also a lot of people on Facebook that can teach you how to become a hacker. The best place of learning how to become a hacker for free is YouTube because learning from videos is very easy. Most people don’t have comprehensive security systems on their computers or phones so hacking them can be very easy.

Why everyone can be a Hacker

How to become a hacker.

As we have already established, a hacker is someone who focuses on the security mechanisms of a computer and network systems. If you want to become a hacker you need to think like a hacker and learn the basic hacking techniques. You don’t need to be a genius to become a hacker. Anyone can become a hacker as long as he or she can collect knowledge and you need to get away to extract knowledge from people. Hacking actually has less to do with tech and more of becoming some kind of spy who can be able to search for vulnerabilities and exploit them.

Anyone with determination can be a hacker, even a 16-year-old kid can hack large companies without even understanding the techniques behind the success! You just need to know where to get what you want to get. Some hackers have natural talent and this makes it easier for them to learn the tricks as well as become better than those who don’t. Even though hacking is more of exploiting vulnerabilities than being tech experts you still need some basic techniques. We are going to discuss some of the basic things you need to become a hacker.

Why everyone can be a Hacker
  • Run a UNIX. -like, are operating systems of the internet. It is obvious that you can use the internet without necessarily knowing anything about these operating systems, but the fact is you can’t become a hacker without a clear understanding of the same. There are many types of these operating systems but just opt for Linux as it is the most popular and it can run alongside your windows.
  • Learn how to write HTML. Am assuming that you don’t already know the programming language, you will have to learn how to write HTML if you want to become a hacker. If you look at images, videos, and designs you will find out that they are all coded with HTML. You need to learn at least the basics if you want to make it.
  • Learn some programming languages. You need more than your English to become an expert hacker. You need to learn some programming languages such as python, C++, Java, JavaScript, and other programming languages. This will help you understand the computer in a better way which is really needed if you want to make it as a hacker.

Having those basic techniques and the tools needed won’t be really enough to make it as a hacker. As I already told you it’s more of the attitude than the computer skills. Some attitudes that can be of help to you are:

  • Think creatively. If you already have the basic skill, start thinking like a hacker. They are like artists, engineers, and philosophers at the same time. He is a guy who can solve the world’s problems, you need to think like that guy if you want to make it as a hacker.
  • Learn how to love solving problems. You need to love solving problems because that is what you will be doing most of your time. Give all your attention to solving problems and this will help you become a better a hacker.
  • Learn how to be competent. Spend your time working on your image as a hacker and gain respect instead of wasting time feeding your ego that you are the best hacker in the world.

You don’t need a supercomputer to become an excellent hacker, your HP laptop will do just fine. Hacking is all about creativity and knowledge and not having a supercomputer. Sometimes you can even use your mobile phone to hack although it is not as effective as a computer.

Why everyone can be a Hacker

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