Top 3 Reasons for Facebook’s Popularity worldwide

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to get your head around Facebook — in fact, its user-friendly interface can be used by anyone who has obtained basic education. This ease of use makes it one of the most successful platforms in the world.

It is no secret that Facebook focuses on densely populated markets. So, it’s no surprise that its largest audiences come from Facebook India. After all, India is a country with a population of over 1.34 billion.

Presently, the most users come from India there are almost has around 241 million users, who mainly use this platform to connect with friends and family.  Also, it is anticipated that this number is likely to increase over time. Let us now delve a little deeper and examine the 3 main reasons why this social media giant found such enormous success worlwide.

1. Better Privacy

When Facebook entered the facebook online market, it made a strong impression. It established itself as a sophisticated social networking website that offered better privacy options while interacting with family and friends. This was something that facebook privacy welcomed with open arms. At that point, cybercrime connected to Orkut and its lack of privacy was rampant.

2. Multi-Lingual Platform

As a matter of fact, Hindi and its close variations are also popular in Nepal, Pakistan, UAE, Fiji, and several other nations. So, this naturally enables businesses and celebrities to reach out to a common sub-set of audiences to achieve their goal.

3. Media-Driven Approach

Facebook opened up a ton of opportunities for the facebook users Media Industry. So when an industry that addresses cross-country audiences is provided with a convenient platform to connect with its audiences, then it’s bound to welcome it. Also, Facebook advertised, sponsored and built strategic alliances in order to gain more facebook users.  

Facebook currently dominates the facebook social media and the acquisition of Instagram has only strengthened its grip over the masses. Well-planned strategies that address the need of the hour have been the driving force behind its success, not to mention its technical capabilities and strategic alliances.

4. Population can use facebook

# Country 2000 Pop 2019 Pop Growth %
1 China 1,268,301,605 1,420,062,022 11.2 %
2 India 1,006,300,297 1,368,737,513 36.0 %
3 United States 282,162,411 329,093,110 16.6 %
4 Indonesia 214,090,575 269,536,482 25.9 %
5 Brazil 174,315,386 212,392,717 21.8 %
6 Pakistan 152,429,036 204,596,442 34.2 %
7 Nigeria 123,945,463 200,962,417 62.1 %
8 Bangladesh 128,734,672 168,065,920 30.5 %
9 Russia 147,053,966 143,895,551 – 2.2 %
10 Mexico 99,775,434 132,328,035 32.6 %



Facebook are popular Worldwide but China don’t have access to facebook, so the most facebook users are from india.

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