Top 10 World Influencers and $ Earn

Top 10 World Influencers and $ Earn

In the present world of business, online marketing is one of the key features because you will find almost all kinds of clients. Influencers marketing turns out to be one of the most effective marketing strategies among other online marketing strategies; it can have a very big impact on your business. An influencer will be very effective in drawing massive attention towards what you are selling.

Most influencers are the famous figures we see in the limelight every day including actors and actresses, famous footballers, singers, and general artists among many others; however, it is not limited to this, you can as well build up your fan base on social media and get to earn from it. Here is a list of the top paid influencers in the world.

Kylie Jenner

She is one of the few featured in the keeping up with the Kardashians, she is the half-sister to Kim Kardashian and the other members of the family. Kylie is the founder and the owner of the famous cosmetic company known as Kylie cosmetics. She has been named before in the earlier years as one of the most influential teens, currently, her influence has even gone higher, and she commands a following of approximately 130 million followers on Instagram. She has an estimated cost per sponsored post of $ 1 million which makes her the most paid influencer in the world.

Selena Gomez

Selena is one of the most famous American singers. She has been quite a success in her musical career and her acting skills too. Also, she comfortably manages both of them. She is one of the most followed personality on Instagram. And she has an estimated following of 139 million, this is the reason she is the second most earning influencer with pay of approximately $ 800,000

Christiano Ronaldo

He is one of the famous footballers in the world, some people even consider him as the best footballer in the world. Also, He is a Portuguese professional footballer who has a very big following of approximately 137 million; he is estimated to have a cost of $ 750,000 per sponsored post.

Kim Kardashian

She is an American media personality and a model too, she has been widely known from the television reality show named “keeping up with the Kardashian”. This and other things have made her get a very big following ion Instagram of 133 million followers, she has an estimated payment of $750,000 per sponsored post

Beyonce Knowles

She is one of the most famous American singers, a dancer, and a producer, she has risen to fame due to these talents, and she has won a total of 23 Grammy awards having the most nominations than any woman in the history of the award. This is the reason she is one of the most followed female singers in the world commanding a following of approximately 126 million followers.

Dwayne Johnson

He is one of the very famous actors currently, featuring in the best selling movies like the “Fast and Furious” among many others, he is also well known as “The Rock” from his previous wrestling career. This guy has a very big following on Instagram; he has 111 million followers on Instagram. He makes an approximate value of $ 650,000 per sponsored post.

Justin Bieber

He is one of the famous Canadian singers and a song-writer; he first showed up in the limelight when he was just a teenager who made people love his songs very much and that is how he rose to fame. Being famous, he has attracted a large number of followers from all over the world which has amounted to 107 million, he is one of the most paid influencers in the world with an approximate payment of $ 650,000 per sponsored post.

Neymar da Silva Santos

He is commonly known as Neymer Jr. in the world of football. He is a Brazilians professional footballer, a former Barcelona star who is currently playing for Parris saint Germaine in France as a forward and also the captain of the famous Brazilian national team. Also, he is the most expensive player when it comes to transfer fees. He has attracted a massive following of 113 million followers. Neymar has paid approximately $ 600,000 per sponsored post.

Lionel Messi

He is an Argentinean professional footballer being a captain to the Argentinean national football team. Also, he is a captain of the world’s best football club, Barcelona. He has scored a total of over 680 goals in this club only, making a record of the most scored goals by one player in the whole of Laliga. Also, he is the greatest player of all times, often compared to legends like Diego Maradona himself. He has played for Barcelona for his entire career leading the team to scoop 32 trophies. All these have made him one of the famous professional footballers commanding a following of 113 million followers. He ranks as one of the most paid influencers in the world, making approximately $500,000 per sponsored post on Instagram.

Kendal Jenner

The beautiful Kendal is mostly known from the reality show on TV named “keeping up with the Kardashians”. She is the sister to Kim Kardashian and the top-earning Kylie Jenner, apart from this shows. And she is a model too, a thing which has made her more famous and attracts a big mass of followers. Which amounts to 107 million followers. She ranks as the tenth most paid influencer in the world with a total of $ 500,000 per sponsored post.

To sum up this, these are the top ton most paid influencers in the world; they are very influential personalities on social media with a large fan base. With this, the influencers can be able to make an influence on their followers to buy the products they post. This is currently the best strategy in marketing to enable you to make more money through increased sales.

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