Sneaky Ways to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the earliest and biggest social media platforms, it has users in the count of billions.

People use this platform for many reasons, including staying in touch with their friends and family, running an online business, marketing, and promotion.

There are also those people that need to get past the FB security, for one reason or another.

Therefore, curiosity is one of the major reasons, among many others.

Either way, there are ways to hack FB accounts. Fb account hacks are usually easier than people think of them,

They do however require knowledge and the right tools.

Here are ways to sneak into someone’s Facebook account hack, all the while keeping them clueless.

facebook account hack


Fbhackpass is mainly designed to hack into someone’s facebook messages.

This application opens a window for the hacker to oversee and spy on the victim’s messages.

This application is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical skill.

First step – Download the application on to the device that you wish to monitor

The second step ) – The device will record all the communication on Facebook Messenger.

And the final step: All the data is then sent to the online account portal.

Exploit the Vulnerability in Chrome

Overall, Chrome is a very safe browser.

It flags all websites that do not have a secure connection.

However, we know that no browser is perfect.

The only imperfection in the chrome is known as CVE-2018-6177.

This bug allows the hacker to extract sensitive information from Facebook and from google as well.

facebook account hack

Here is how this can be put to it to good use and make it a facebook hack.

Step 1 – Create Facebook posts that target a specific segment of users.

Step 2 – Embed a specific malicious website in the post. This way the Facebook server will not be able to detect anything wrong

Step 3 – Once the user accesses the website, sensitive information can be easily extracted.

facebook account hack

Exploit the Bug in Facebook

This is actually similar to the exploitation of a bug in the chrome.

A malicious website, often fb nulled look, one of the most popular ways to hack into someone’s Facebook account.

This is all like a magic trick, while you keep the victim busy by showing one thing, an entirely different thing is going on right under their nose.

Step 1 – Design an attractive post and embed the URL of the malicious website.

Step 2 – Make it so that the victim clicks on it.

And Step 3 – As soon as the victim accesses the website, the Javascript starts digging the background, obtaining sensitive information.

Third-Party Applications

Third-party apps get access to Facebook all the time.

There is a gateway right there.

It exposes sensitive information as well as their posts and photos.

However, third-party Apps request to access facebook account, they get access to sensitive information.

1°) – Get the victim to download a third-party app.

2°) – Ask for permission to access Facebook.

3°) – Save the username and facebook password.

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