Why everyone can be a hacker.

A computer hacker is a skilled computer expert who uses his expertise to overcome any computer challenge. But in most cases when most people hear the word hacker, what comes on their mind is a person who can use their …

How to make money on Facebook

You may not think of facebook as new and edgy anymore.

But you can’t deny facebook are really popular.

There are more than 2 billion monthly active facebook users, with 1.37 billion energetically using the social network every day.…

Ban someone on facebook page

Just created a company page or a fan page on Facebook?

But, if somebody is posting superfluous stuff (i.e. silly comments and posts) on your page, at that position you should need to block that person from your page.

Facebook …

Blocked an account with fbhackpass.com

Facebook are the most popular social network on Facebook around the world.

Today, some users have reserved a face after staying on a Facebook without any reason to inform you.

The Facebook account is hampered by a number of features, …