Mark Zuckerberg Hacking Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg Hacking Messenger
Salient things to note about the Facebook Executives’ account hack

A couple of company executives have stated in times past that they noticed a couple of changes with the messages that they received in Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. The changes occurred in the sense that the messages in which the company executives received on Facebook were all deleted without any prior notice or notification to the company’s account. Asides being some sort of privacy breach, it also adds up to mean that the trust of users of the platform has been breached. Is Mark Zuckerberg Hacking Messenger?

Irrespective of how users make use of the platform, it should be noted that the singular incidence changed the way that people perceive Facebook and their terms of service. This is not to say that they have been negligent in their dealings, but they might need to work more on their security measures

There are some questions that one might like to ask him or herself. There are those times when you are chatting with folks and family members and then you post a comment or send a message to someone and then you are not so glad that you sent that message. You hurt so badly and then you wish sometimes that you could eat back your own words. Well, the good news now is that with Facebook’s new features, you can now erase all of those messages that you regret. This is the newest feature that you will find on Facebook Messenger

Regardless of this fact also, it should be noted. That some executives began to make complaints about some messages disappearing from their inbox. Because of a kind of hack on their accounts. This was immediately after the new update on Facebook messenger. While that might be the case, one would like to say that it is no big deal, especially. Since it happens on a daily basis. But the truth is that there is no average account like that of Mark Zuckerberg. And yet his own personal account was also a victim despite the measures set in place to secure his account from cyber hacks.

The Facebook account of Mark Zuckerberg is not like any other Facebook account that many users use. One of the reasons for this is because of the large pool of followers. Who has been following Mark. Another reason is that he has a limiting period for the messages that he receives. And this sort of gives his account some sort of limitations, subject to facebook’s terms and conditions


The Problem that most users of the social media platform had with the board of executives

The first major problem that people had with the executives of Facebook is the fact that. There are certain terms and conditions that are inherent with Facebook that people didn’t know. We all know that on the grounds of public policies. They could implement some changes. But this should not be such that people wouldn’t be updated about the updates that have been implemented. Everyone knew about the hack that happened to Sony’s world some years back. And if anything, people have been very scared to divulge of their personal information on the internet. The way that it is at the moment, the trust rate. That people would have of Facebook would have depreciated to a minimal point because of the incessant deleting of messages.

While this is the case, Facebook finally decided to add the “Unsend” feature. That one would now see on many Facebook accounts. It was at that point that it became clear to many people that although they had an account. That they thought was private on Facebook, their private details were being checked upon by the Mark Zuckerberg team. The “Unsend” feature is supposed to last through a chat, especially through the stages. When the receiver of the message hasn’t read through the message. As it stands, it seems as if that feature has been implemented with Whatsapp and Instagram. But the new addendum to Facebook raised a wide range of speculations amongst people. Who are devoted users of the platform.

The downsides to the features which were newly added to the Facebook application include the fact that when you chat there are some new features that indicate that someone could be monitoring your chat with a friend or loved one. There is a feature to have the chat all encrypted. The truth is that just like Whatsapp. The chats should ideally be confidential with end to end encryption such that people’s private chats are left private.

This is not the case with Facebook at the moment. When you chat with someone, you would have to choose whether you want the chat to be in secret mode, you might likely need to choose when you want the message to expire too. The question that goes on in the mind of everyone is, if these features are not activated, what then has been happening? Do I need to click on an option to have a confidential chat with someone? As at what time can it be said that what I share with a user of the application is only seen by that other user and nobody else?

Salient Facts to Note from this new development by the Facebook team

In the world of the internet and personal data, there are some things that should be regarded with great importance. And they include the private data of people. It would have been much better if people are given the option of letting the team into their private details by clicking on a menu, but going behind them to peruse their personal details could pose a breach of trust, a breach of terms of usage and also some kind of new suit in the world of Cyberlaw.

When it comes to the information of people, you had better let them know before it burns you and that’s what the team should be mindful of.

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