How to use Facebook to promote your business

How to use Facebook to promote your business? With 1,700 million users, of which 1,300 million are active daily – according to the latest

report for investors launched in July 2016 – Facebook is the largest social network in the

world. So, it is very likely that a large number of your customers are browsing it. Given

these numbers, it is no surprise that Facebook’s advertising platform is the most advanced

and efficient method to generate website traffic, conversions and sales. However, the blue

giant constantly releases new features on this platform. Only between August and

September presented a function that allows users to turn on and off the presence of ads in

his biography; In addition, a new version of Messenger for sales, this through the use of

machine learning and artificial intelligence makes the social network chat as an additional

sales channel.

How to use Facebook to promote your business

On the other hand, the Dynamic Ads, the optimization for mobile, the use of the pixel and the improvements for video, are some features of Facebook that will help you obtain great results with your marketing campaigns. Just a few minutes to monitor the behavior of users to check the effectiveness of your strategies and actions.

However, many times these continuous changes can cause the frustration of companies, they cracked their efforts before obtaining an economic benefit. No matter how many campaigns we launch in my agency, advertisers make the same mistakes all the time; which causes a high dropout rate, even when they are very close to reaching the first goals.

Here are some effective ways to work with Facebook. Note: only some small adjustments are necessary to build campaigns that not only produce results, but also a return on the investment you make.

Why use Facebook for my company?

As you know, Rebeldes Online, we rely on objective data to offer you the reasons why you should take an online or other marketing strategies. Regarding the use of Facebook for companies, we can say that currently, Facebook is the dominant social network among all the others: Pinterest, Google + or Instagram … More than a billion members worldwide support this data. Specifically, at the end of 2014 Facebook had 1’28 trillion active users.

Companies use this incredible database to meet their marketing objectives and, in many cases, it is working. Recent data show how:

– 41% of B2B companies use Facebook for companies 
– 62% of B2C companies use Facebook for companies

That said, we must add that the usual changes in the social network in terms of its characteristics and the constant evolution of the user, make online marketing strategies on Facebook require professional help.

How to use Facebook to promote your business

Facebook for companies

Basically, Facebook is a social network that connects people with friends, family, co-workers or, simply, people with similar interests. 
Currently, Facebook is the most popular social network, with estimated traffic of 750 million unique users per month, Some of the objectives defined by any company when starting its Facebook strategy are:

– Get users interested in your products or services 
– Create a user community with which to connect and interact, the so-called potential customers. 
– Promote commercial offers that convert users into leads and potential customers.

6 basic tips for using Facebook ads

1. Sort your data

The Facebook tool ” audience insight ” shows the statistics of the page and the response of your customers. With? She gathers data about the topics that generate the most interest among your audience. For example, “Demography”, the first tab of the platform, will allow you to know the sex and age of those who have been interested in a specific topic. The second tab (“like” page) displays a list of other possible interests relevant to your target audience. It also lists them by importance and affinity and measures the probability that a person belonging to one interest group shares the tastes of another.

How to use Facebook to promote your business
2. Separate your ads

The vast majority of advertisers collect the groups determined in the previous step, hoping to reach a mass audience. This is a serious mistake and it will cost you money. You can get some results, but you will not know which one generated them. The solution: includes an interest per ad, with this you can monitor with which one you get a better response compared to the investment.

3. Make changes slowly

To get the “best return on? Investment in your advertising, you may be tempted to? Adjust ad text, images, targeting and budget at the beginning of the campaign. Although the most advisable thing is to make changes little by little and notice frequently and thus allow the Facebook algorithm to adjust. In my experience, it takes three to five days for the original announcement to reach a relevant number of people, and to produce significant data to analyze. If it is really necessary to change something in the advertisement, create a new one and let both be on the platform; In this way, you can compare which one achieves the best results.

4. Analyze your data and adjust

There is a lot at risk when the data is ignored that Facebook provides. Yes, it will give you important information such as age, gender, placement (the device used) and the country or region that is generating the best results. You can also see the relevance of the ad and its score. This is based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least relevant and 10 the most. The more relevant your ad is, the less you pay, and the more it shows, the lower the cost. You can also see your positive and negative scores. These are not so clear, but in broad strokes, if you write a good ad that likes and users share it, you will have high positive feedback.

How to use Facebook to promote your business
5. Always experience

In my agency, we keep account of several clients and we are always making adjustments and variations. We test different interests with the target audience and experiment with different images, text, and actions (such as interactive and static ads). It can be exhausting to make small changes in a constant way and observe the generated data; however, the success of your Facebook campaigns depends on it. Ads lose relevance quickly and their cost begins to increase while decreasing their effectiveness. We fight this with experimentation and follow-up of results.

6. Betting on the winners

There will be nothing effective ads. That is a fact when it comes to the Facebook platform. The faster you eliminate the less relevant ads and the more relevant ones, the longer-term results will be seen sooner. Every three to five days you will have the necessary information to know if a set of ads will generate profits or not.

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