Do you know the money that a marketer invests in the influencer marketing gives him 5 to 7 times of that amount in return? How to become an influencer? Due to this level of Return of Investment (ROI), big brands and marketers are showing aggressive interest in approaching the influencer for their marketing campaigns. And, on the other hand, the followers of influencers are looking for the best advice and recommendation from them. So Influencers are in high demand in today’s marketing world. Being influencer is a lucrative and glamorous profession. But it is not so easy to be successful in this career as it seems to be. Below I have listed some of the most important and actionable tips which will help you to establish yourself as a successful influencer. But first of all, let me define the term Influencer

What is an influencer?

“Influencer is a person who has an expertise or a person with a high level of knowledge in a particular field and a large number of people trust him and follow him/her through various channels like facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.”


How to Become an Influencer

Today I will share you 12 killer tips that you should definitely follow to become a successful Influencer and change your life today.

So if you want to change your life today just follow these 12 tips below.

1. Choose a niche

Choose a niche of your interest or the niche in which you have expertise. Focus on that particular niche only. Don’t try to put your hands in multiple niches. To decide or finalize your niche, all you have to do is just think about the things which you are passionate about. Some of the popular niches are Fashion, Travel, Food, Tech, Gaming, Entertainment, Sports, Health and Fitness, etc. Once your niche is final, you are ready to step ahead.

2. Stay focus on your niche


Instead of playing with all of the available channels, it’s always good to focus on 2-3 channels in which you are comfortable. If you are comfortable in sharing your knowledge in the form of text, you should go for blogs, twitter, etc. If you are comfortable in presenting your talent in form videos, you can go for youtube, Linkedin, etc. Similarly, Instagram and Snapchat are the best for sharing information in the form of pictures. During the process of choosing the right channels for presenting yourself as an Influencer, you should also consider another important factor. That factor is to find out where your target audience usually hangs out. You can find it out by knowing which channels the other influencers in your niche are using.

3. Share unique content


As far as possible, try to be unique. Share your unique ideas and opinions with your followers on various topics in your niche. Your uniqueness will keep your followers always following you.

4. Collaborate with other influencers

Another important tip to get success is to connect or collaborate with other influencers in your niche or space. You might be thinking how it is possible. As a newcomer, no influencer will pay attention to you. First, establish yourself to some extent and after that try to connect with other influencers.

5. Find what your audience like

You should also make a killer content strategy. Find out what type of content is liked by the audience in your niche. The easiest way to find it out is to check what other influencers in your space are posting for their audience. You can also use the platforms like Google, Quora, etc. to find out what kind of content your target audience is looking for.

6. Posting with regular interval

Keep creating and posting content consistently at a regular interval. Consistency is actually the key to success. Create and post content as much as possible. Always keep a plan for the next coming post in your mind. But keep in mind that quantity should not be responsible for compromising with the quality. Always deliver high-quality content to your audience.

7. Speak with your followers

Make your audience/followers feel that you care for them. You should keep interacting and engaging with them. Your audience is your asset, so never ignore them. Remain active to reply to their comments.

You should also find out the best time to post your content. You should not post any time during the day. There is always the best time when your content is engaged to the best level. That time may vary from channel to channel and may also depend on the type of audience you have. So you have to find it out and plan your content-posting strategy according to that.

8. Find good hashtags

What will be the use of posting high-quality content if the target audience does not see your content? While working as a social media influencer on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc., you should have a sound knowledge of using the right hashtags. More the perfection in using the right hashtags you have more will be your reach to the right audience in your niche.

9. Check online groups and websites

Visit various online groups, forums, etc. in your niche to meet a new audience and invite them to see your content. This will help you increase your followers. But don’t spam any group or forum just for getting followers to your social profile. Always try to help people and provide some values to them. This makes your first impression good in the eyes of your new audience and trust-building starts from the first meeting.

10. Be unique to make the difference

Don’t copy other’s content. Always post the original content created by you. Generally, a big part of your audience is also following the other influencers in your space. If that audience sees the same content that they have already seen somewhere else from some other influencer, this will highlight that you have copied that influencer. And, you will end up losing the trust of your audience. This kind of approach will decrease your followers also.

11. Organize some giveaways

Also, organize giveaways and contests from time to time. It will keep your audience engaged and will also help you increase your followers and the reach of your content.

12. Don’t collaborate with untrusted people

Don’t collaborate with the brands which are not trustworthy. Your audience trusts you and follows your recommendation. So never recommend the products which you personally don’t trust. A genuine recommendation will keep your followers following you and trusting for a long time.


Success in the profession as an Influencer does not come overnight, it takes considerable time. So don’t give up and keep working. Just making a large number of followers is not the only task to do. Building trust in your followers and maintaining that trust by providing quality content consistently is also a crucial part of being a successful influencer.

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