It is not uncommon to hear that, social media has improved communication, promoted business, the spread of information and tons of other benefits. Job seekers attest to the fact that it has provided them with a living. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more are examples of social media.

However, social media, as beneficial as it may present itself, comes with disadvantages. It indeed has a controlling effect on users and the world in general. Let’s check nine ways by which social media controls the world.

Below here are nine things social media controls:


Social media is built to keep you glued all day. It fosters the idea of endless posting of pictures, videos, and information. You could sit for hours, viewing updates while you forget important activities. Many parents reveal how arguments result when their wards neglect chores and stay glued to their devices.

Employers in some establishment prohibit the use of smartphone during work hours. It occurred to employers that, some of their workers have either committed errors. Or they have been less productive due to social media usage at work.


Physical activities

Social media controls very much our physical activities like exercise and outdoor games. It takes so much time that we hardly have time to play outdoor games or engage in exercise that will improve the quality of our lives. We just sit stuck typing, clicking and scrolling endlessly.


Making decisions

Beyond the cover of helping people interact, lies another intent of social media, which is an advertisement. Advertisements are just all-over social media, and many feel pressured to make unplanned purchases.

Social media history or footprint is away a user’s interest is detected. Advertisements are then sent to users based on what they once searched, or pages they at one time viewed. This is done to arrest the interest of such ones and tempt them to make purchases.


Our relationships

Friends and families interactions deteriorate day by day. The dining table nowadays silences everywhere. Most families chat throughout their mealtime, not striking a meaningful conversation. Parents and children have very little time to discuss. Research has it that, parents and children discussions last barely 30 minutes a day.

It is not uncommon to hear of a broken friendship, with the underlining reason as social media addiction. Some friends can barely keep up with a conversation since they reply texts, view pictures or engage in other activities that take their attention on social media. ” My friend texts me even when we are in the same room” says a teenager from Africa.


Our emotions

It is not a fortune guess to say that, social media is one of the leading causes of depression. Fingers are never equal, same applies to our financial situations all around the world. However, social media users have cultivated a showoff habit, and this affects people of the lower class who are unable to afford extravagant lifestyles.

Many users are sad when they can’t be exactly like their counterpart on social media. Some have come to have a level of popularity, due to; places they’ve been to or things they possess. Users who do not have things to flaunt tend to be depressed.



No one goes down a lonely alley or public square flaunting diamonds or gold. It will either be viewed as foolishness or craziness. Social media platforms are public places too, with so many people we do not know. Yet, many flaunt their assets and even certain confidential information they won’t normally share with a stranger.

Keeping up with the flow of social media has turned many to liars. The pressure to keep posting pictures of vacations, purchases, and more, move many to deception. You hear of persons who took 5 pictures at one place, but tag about 5 other locations when the pictures are shared.


Relationships and Marriage

Some who are quite popular on social media and married tend to have problems. Many let what people think to cloud their judgment. They treat their spouse as secondary, feeling that they have a duty to their fans or followers on social media. Some even let the view of their so-called fans dictate how they regard their partners.

Many divorce cases have been as a result of social media influence. Sometimes ago, a fan once told a married celebrity that, her partner meant to disgrace her. This was said after the partner posted a picture of both of them. Constant opinions from others can ruin good relationships, and social media platforms are exact places for such.



Rumors spread with the speed of light on social media. Many politicians have been victims of rumors that destroyed their political careers. social media made defamation easy for political opponents in some part of the world. Social media platforms provide an avenue for user’s interest to be made available for election candidates. And many candidates act on this and look to entice some category of people based on what they know about them.


Our Privacy

This day’s advertisements are tailored to each individual. Do not wander far, all you do online has a record. Social media platforms used to increase sales for businesses. The room for mistake is yet to be built on social media. So, when you mistakenly upload personal contents online, it stays forever. Sexual contents stay online even when the owners are regretful of their actions.



With the advent of social media came the growth of terrorism. With so many nationalities around the world, social media is the line that connects them. Sadly though, many acts of terror such as bomb blasts and shooting results from social media interactions. Someones influenced them on social media, to engage in terrorism.



It is evident from examples. Considered that social media controls the world. Advancement in technology will only improve social media platforms and this turn might mean more control!


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