How Influencers Impact Your Choices

How Influencers Impact Your Choices? If you follow an Influencer in any niche of your interest, each and every post of the Influencer has a large impact on your choices and decisions.

That post may be a sponsored post or maybe a general post. All of the posts influence your buying decisions, as a consumer.

What is an influencer?

An Influencer is a person who has some influence or impact on other people’s choices and decisions in a particular field.

This impact is on the people who are following him on any channel like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, blogs, etc.

And, the influencers monetize this power of impact by inviting sponsorships from the brands they want to recommend to their followers. Actually, most of the times they don’t have to invite the brands.

Rather the brands itself come to offer them the sponsorships. The social media platform that the brands use the most for their influencer marketing campaign is Instagram.

The budget that they are investing in their campaign has been increasing over time.

Influencers are none other than the people like you and me who have passion in a specific niche and curious to share their knowledge with others in this world.

The selected niche may be any of the areas like fashion, travel, tech, gaming and many more to say…

How Influencers Impact Your Choices

How An Influencer Impacts Your Choice

It’s just a word of mouth from an Influencer which creates such a big brand awareness and a large number of sales for the companies or brands.

This power of word of mouth from a big influencer with a large number of followers can make a new brand popular over a short span of time.

This might sound quite surprising to you. But the brands who have invested in influencer marketing campaigns have experienced this extraordinary impact on the target audience. I mean to say that it actually works.

Trusted Influencers

In today’s scenario, Consumers trust their trusted influencer more than the old-fashioned advertisement displayed by the companies.

They are influenced by the influencers more than their friends and relatives while making buying decisions. 

Any new brand is not trusted by them until it is recommended by a popular influencer in the field.

They trust their favorite influencers even more than the big celebrities who promote big brands.

hey are influenced by the influencers more than their friends and relatives while making buying decisions. 

Any new brand is not trusted by them until it is recommended by a popular influencer in the field.

They trust their favorite influencers even more than the big celebrities who promote big brands.

Young followers

A big part of the follower base of the influencers constitutes the group of teenagers and youngsters.

This age group is quite passionate about shopping. And, they tend to follow the recommendations from their favorite influencers while making their choices for shopping.

Suppose an influencer shares his experience about his new glasses with his followers on social media. He presents his unbiased review about how cool and comfortable the glasses are; whether they are worth buying or not.

If he or she recommends his/her audience to buy those glasses, it will put a huge impact on buying decision of the audience following him/her. It will lead to a big hike in the sales figure of those glasses.

That review may or may not be sponsored by the company manufacturing those glasses.

How Influencers Impact Your Choices

Influencers have an Large audience

Whatever an influencer posts on his/her social media channel/channels, it displays in the newsfeeds of the followers which follow him/her.

From there, the followers come to notice that post. They like the post; put their comments on it and share it to a new audience.

This increases the visibility of the post and widens the impact to a larger audience.

Celebrities influencers impact

The basis of the relationship between an Influencer and his followers is trust. You will not observe this kind of trust between a celebrity who endorses a brand and his audience.

This kind of trust is not seen even in the case of traditional advertisements. The transparency between the Influencer and his followers can be considered as the main factor responsible for this trust.

And, this trust is actually the most important factor which plays a vital role in establishing an environment of impact on the followers.

Influencers share great contents

Adding a little bit more to the reason for the impact of an Influencer on the choices of his followers, there is another important point to share with you. Suppose you have a problem and you need a brand which will solve that problem.

On the one side, there is a famous celebrity who is endorsing a brand which is meant for solving the kind of problem that you have. On the other side, there is an Influencer who is recommending another brand which is also meant for solving the same problem that you have.

The influencer has in-depth knowledge about that problem and the factors causing the problem.

He also knows the precautions needed to avoid that problem and everything else related to it.

He is a master in this area and keeps posting valuable content related to such problems for educating his followers.

How Influencers Impact Your Choices

Psychological effect

Out of these two brands, which will you buy? Whom will you trust more, the celebrity or the influencer? I know what your answer is.

Obviously the second one, the influencer!! Because there is a psychological factor which forces you to go with the specialist rather than merely a brand endorser.

Influencers groups

Influencers have a big network of people who are ready to follow their recommendations. Hence brands consider it to be a gold-mine for them.

They find it to be a very easy and quick way to reach a large number of potential consumers just by sponsoring some of the popular influencers in their niche.


You might have started using social media as a means to connect with your existing friends and relatives or reach out to a group of new friends online, for sharing photos, videos, and posts.

The reason behind connecting with them online was that it is not always possible to get in touch with them physically.

Hence the online connection seemed to be an easy and fast way to remain in touch with them.

But today, the whole game has changed. Social media is no more confined to be just a mean for connecting with friends and relatives online.

It has, now, become one of the biggest marketing platforms for small and big businesses. Nowadays, social media has been crowded by professional influencers with their large number of followers like you and me.

And, the impact of these influencers impact is rising up day by day and will surely multiply to a large extent in the future.

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