What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the major social networking sites where users are able to post comments, share photographs and post their links to news or other interesting content on the platform. Facebook is a very versatile social media platform and you can even order food or sell and buy any merchandise. How facebook can change your life? Content that is shared on the site can be made to be publicly accessible or you can choose to share among a select group of friends or individuals.

How Facebook was founded

Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Saverin created Facebook in February of 2004. It began as a school-based social network at Harvard University. In 2006 Facebook allowed people 13 years and above to use the site and it rapidly grew, becoming the most popular social network in the world.

Facebook is very user-friendly and open to anyone that wants to join the social media platform. Even the people who do not understand anything about technology can be able to create accounts and start sharing things with friends.

Facebook started out as the ideal place to keep in touch with people far away or reconnect with old friends. It rapidly grew into a place where businesses closely target the audience and deliver ads directly to the people that may want or need their services and products.

The site offers entertainment and many people log into that social media multiple times each day. Facebook has made it very easy to share pictures, messages, videos, status posts and even your feelings on the platform. However, every social media platform always has its own rules and Facebook does not allow adult content on the site. Users who break the rules are reported by other users and may end up being banned from the site.

Some of the features that make people love using Facebook so much include;

1. Facebook allows you to create and maintain a friends list. You are also able to choose privacy settings and decide who can see your content.

2. Facebook allows its users to have a photo album that can be shared with friends. You are able to upload any picture you want any time of day or year.

3. You can be able to stream a video live on Facebook Live.

4. There are a lot of support group pages with people who share the same interests or are going through the same things. There are many fan pages and business pages that enable businesses to use Facebook as a vehicle for social media marketing


It has helped people keep in touch with relatives

Facebook has proven to be one of the best social media sites when it comes to keeping in touch with family members and friends that live far away. The instant messaging feature and the video chat have made facebook the best environment to stay connected. You can keep tabs on all of your friends and know how they are all doing.

It has helped people make friends

Facebook is one of the strongest places when it comes to making new friends. This is because Facebook allows you to add up to 5000 friends and acts as the number one social meeting spot of the internet. You can make friends in very easy ways. You can comment on your friend’s post and another friend of her comments too. Also, you can strike up a conversation and maybe even meet in real life if you guys really hit it off.

Expressing your ideas and opinions

Facebook has made expressing ourselves become easier through sharing statuses updates, posting pictures, commenting on posts and sharing links. Facebook is still one of the biggest places where people can express themselves without feeling embarrassed.


Facebook has made it easier to get knowledge from experts and professionals through social media. Facebook enables you to follow anyone you want. You can be able to follow anyone in your chosen career path and gain a lot of insightful information that will help you grow more as a person and also career-wise.

Facebook has been used for various charity causes, in promoting social welfare activities and promotional of Non-Government organizations. Facebook has helped change the way people live because it has created awareness and helped people to discover various innovations that help them improve and enhance their lives. Everyone in the different sectors, from a teacher to a farmer, has benefitted from the awareness factor of social media.

Facebook has helped in building communities

People who share common interests, such as people from various religious nationalities and interests have formed communities on Facebook to discuss and spread the word. Music lovers, food lovers and movie buffs have been able to keep up to date with their life hobbies and shared interests.

Facebook has improved the social health of some people

There are some people who have been battling serious health conditions, mental disorders or have gone through traumatic events. They have no one to turn to, they cannot tell anyone and they bottle their feelings inside. Facebook has been the platform that has enabled some of them to share their stories under anonymity or fake names. They relieve stress by talking about their problems confidently on the platform

Facebook has saved lives

This has been in the form of encouraging people going through tough times and telling them they are not alone and it. What’s better than saving lives? Than encouraging people to take growth steps forward.


Through networking with potential clients, employers and employees – This may turn out to be a really huge life-changing thing because clients or employers who pay good money can help you grow financially.


Facebook has over 1 billion active users and it’s easy to find a date that has similar interests as yours. You may find your soulmate, someone that you will spend the rest of your life with, on Facebook. If that’s not a life-changer I don’t know what is.

Promote your business

You can sell your products to a highly targeted market and increase the possibility of making more money on the internet.

The ways Facebook can change lives are endless. It’s a big platform where dreams turn to reality with the right level of hard work and positive missions. Facebook is a free tool that can change your life, take advantage of it!


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