HOW FACEBOOK BECAME SO BIG? Over 2 billion people of all ages use Facebook today. On smartphones, tablets and computers. people access Facebook on daily basis. Facemash, as Facebook was once called started in 2003. An Harvard student by the name MARK ZUCKERBERG created this online website for use only by Harvard students. The Goal then was to use the platform to compare two female pictures and choose which is better.

Down the memory lane, from just an entertainment website that only had over 400 visitors in it’s first hours of opening. Facebook has grown bigger and continues to grow on an amazing scale. One Facebook employee once said “the goal is to make everyone on planet a Facebook user”. lets see how Facebook as over the years grown from a small plant to an amazing huge tree.

We would look at it’s growth yearly;


Facemash, as Facebook was then known got the attention of over 400 students. Jaw dropping however is the 22,000 pictures shared within those few hours of after it was created.


Getting it new name ”THEFACEBOOK“, from the student directory back then in Harvard, called ” FACE BOOK”. This directory contained the photos and basic information of students. MARK ZUCKERBERG then, launched the website with financial contribution from EDUARDO SAVERI. The website was created this time, to connect people around the university.

Yet again “THEFACEBOOK” got over 1,200 users within 24 hours. In just one month the site had almost half of the students of Harvard on it. Still in 2004, Facebook expanded beyond the walls of Harvard to 3 other schools at first. Sometimes before June 2004, ”THEFACEBOOK” did not only spread to schools in U.S.A and Canada, but also changed its center of of operation to California.


This year marked new achievements for “THEFACEBOOK”.It eventually became incorporated and changed its name to ”FACEBOOK”. It horizon broaden, and so its users. It allowed roughly 21 universities from some countries in the world to join it growing users. So much growth for a year you might say because Facebook eventually added over 27,000 schools (including high schools and colleges).

2005, a remarkable year indeed for Facebook as it also extended invitations to employees of several companies, such as; Microsoft .By the end of 2005, Facebook had 6 million people using it. Facebook was valued at $98 million after investments from Accels partners.


Facebook in 2006 chose to include the younger ages. Sometimes in September that year, it allowed people from age 13 to be part of its growing community. In as much these ones have valid email address. Facebook this year increased value to $500 million as a result of investments from Peter Thiel and his partners, Greylock partners, and Meritech partners.


Facebook grew more limbs to accommodate yet another category of users. Businessmen and women were also introduced to the community to open business pages. Business pages allowed companies to tell people about what they do. This year Facebook value rose to $15 billion with investments from Microsoft and Hong Kong based billionaire.



Facebook was obviously an international community as at 2008. It had users in some many countries. Countries like; Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and a few more. It saw the need to expand and so, Facebook set up their international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.


It was a year of incredible numbers. Facebook got about 300 million users and was growing at a jaw dropping percentage of almost 9% per month.



Facebook started creating job opportunities for people who can solve computer problems. It employed people from different fields as it grew luxuriantly. Not to mention that Facebook grew to about 400 million this year may count as sin.



Facebook set out to improve the quality of their website , and released an App. Adding features like, endless news feed. With over 700 million community of users in 2011,facebook also became the 2nd most visited website in the united states with whooping 1 trillion page views.


2012 , 2013, 2014

2012 should be called the buying year for Facebook. Facebook acquired Instagram, a photo sharing platform for $1 billion. Coincidentally, it also registered it 1 billionth user that same year.

Stepping into 2013, Facebook made efforts to increase its global reach. 2014 also saw the purchase of yet another social media site. Whatsapp, a messaging App was bought for $19 billion. A huge purchase indeed. Not quite long, while the dust of Whatsapp purchase was still in the air, Fb bought a virtual reality company.


2015 2018

Fb faced major problems, such as; Report of harassment among users, overwhelming fake news, and complaints about privacy intrusion. At first Fb rose up to the problems, found a way to solve it and even had increased revenue.

However, problem again arose due to Fb’s acquisition of a App that could collects users data. Such App can not only track users activities but also send these gathered information to Fb. Fb in turn keeps these records and sometimes share them with business companies.

In view of these, Fb lost just too much. Scandals continued to affect Fb. Scandals relating to gathering and sharing data collected from Fb users. Being the social media with the largest community of users, Fb however continues to get deals with top companies from around the world.


With loads of problems battling Fb, it keeps recording a significant rise in various ways. Fb has close to 38,ooo employees, which is about 35% increase when checked against 2018 record. Fb against all odds keeps adding new users each year. currently, it has


2.38 billion users an increase over a previous 2.32 billion users in 2018.

Fb tramples down on problems and sets new target. 2019, has seen the invention of LIBRA. Libra is a type of cryptocurrency created by Facebook. It intends to make it as a means of purchase and selling.


Fb started small, and through the years it has made sure it keeps growing big. Life is a mixture of mistakes with the bitter result, and right decisions with lovely outcomes. Fb has indeed tasted life as explained above. Amazingly, however, it has stood strong and continues to grow.


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