Cheating has become a norm in most relationships, this has led to trust issues in so many relationships. Lovers are supposed to share everything but these days lovers tend to keep secrets from each other.

This is why many resorts to trying every means necessary to gain access to their partners social media accounts.

About spying

Everyday we hear stories of relationships breaking up due to cheating. Most partners tend to deceive their spouse most times.

Its not bad to spy on your spouse, you can hack her account it helps save you from unnecessary drama and helps let anything slide by you.

I just heard a story of a woman who told her children that the father they have known all their life was not their biological father.

She was married to the man for more than 32 years and yet hid this fact from the man, one begins to wonder what else is she hiding from the spouse.

If She was able to hide such deep secret for more than 32 years, what makes you think that your partner is not hiding anything from you.

There is a high tendency that your partner is cheating on you and still keeps a straight face when talking to you, you know why? She is a master deceiver, she has mastered the act of deceit.

Why you should hack her account

Save yourself the late heartbreak, drama and surprises, spying on your partner saves you from future surprises.

I am a strong advocate that Families should get DNA tests done on their children, you might end up training another man’s child as yours.

Trust is a rare commodity in relationship, i suggest you to hack her account and I repeat don’t trust your partner blindly, because they might be taking advantage of you.

Always spy on her chats and social media accounts because they are the major means of communication.

It is important to hack your partners Facebook account and also spy on her chats, if you notice some of this behaviours

Being Secretive

Once you notice that your partner is being secretive, that’s a red flag and you have to spy on her chat to find out what she is hiding.

Also hacking into her Facebook account its not a bad idea, who knows you might find the reason why she is being secretive or who knows, it maybe the identity of her secret admirer

Lack of Information

Cheaters have this notion that when they withhold information from you, they are not lying.

That’s what they use to deceive you.

That’s why they won’t tell you where they were last night.

Be careful of these words from your partner ‘its nothing’.

Once your partner makes such statements, its everything, that’s all the nod you need to access her social media accounts to find out what’s going on.

Lack of support

if you ever find yourselves in a situation where you need either moral, psychological or emotional support and your partner is nowhere to be found, its time you start snooping around.

You have to find out who is leaning on her shoulders for support.

Check her Facebook to find out who she has been comforting and supporting.

It’s important to hack your partners social media accounts, these helps secure your future as the saying goes ‘a stich in time save nine.

It better your heart gets stitched early enough than having a bleeding heart later on.’ Trust is a treasure and virtue which most individuals lack.


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