Ban someone on facebook page

Just created a company page or a fan page on Facebook? How to ban someone on facebook page?

But, if somebody is posting superfluous stuff (i.e. silly comments and posts) on your page, at that position you should need to block that person from your page.

Facebook now provides many privacy settings which can be used to disallow and unban any person who even didn’t like your page.

Means, even you can ban a person who does not know about your page or not liked your page. Facebook provides a ‘Block’ option for person to person.

But, on the Facebook page, it is called ‘Ban’.

You can also eradicate the like from your page of a person if you want.

Ban someone on facebook page

What are the Restrictions for a Banned Person on your Facebook Page?

Although, banning or blocking a person from your page does not hide the page, but limits one’s utilize on that page.

The human being will only be able to share your posts but cannot give reactions and comments on your posts.

Also, once you block a person who liked the page then the like will be disabled and removed.

That is why post updates will not be shown to that person on Facebook.

The person only can go to the page URL on Facebook and view updated material and share the material.

There is no extra action he could take on this situation.

The person who is blocked from a Facebook page cannot contact the team members of that page by messages.

Ban someone on facebook page

How to ban someone from facebook page?

There are following these steps to ban anyone from facebook page

Step 1.

At first, go to the page link from your admin account and click on ‘Settings’.. 

You’ll need to be using a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari) on a computer to ban someone from a Facebook page.

If you aren’t yet signed in to facebook, enter your email address and password into the blanks, then click Sign In.

Step 2.

Go to the Page. You’ll see all of your Pages at the top-right corner of the screen in a box labeled “Your Pages.” If you don’t see the Page, use the tiny arrows in the box to roll pending it appears.

Step 3.

Click Settings. It’s near the top-right corner of the Page.

Step 4.

Click People and Other Pages. It’s in the “General” column on the left side of the screen.

Step 5.

Find the person you want to ban.

 Start typing the person’s name into the search box at the top-right corner of the user list, then selects the user from the search results.

Step 6.

Check the box next to the person’s name. The box is direct to the left of the person’s name. Also, you can add the checkmark by clicking the box one time.

Step 7.

Click the gear. It’s to the right of the search box, right above the user list.

Step 8.

Select Ban From Page. A confirmation window will appear.

Step 9.

Click Confirm. 

This user is now banned from commenting on, liking, and messaging your Page.

Though the person is now banned from interacting with the Page, they’ll still be able to view its content and share it somewhere else.

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Ban someone on facebook page

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