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Every social media application has its strict privacy policy. But even though, some evil-minded people always try to break other's privacy. The primary aim of this act is to make their self-perfect in breaking codes and hacking accounts and also they try to experience different things. The professional hackers are also working for private and government entities to hack the criminal's statements and details. Hacking is illegal, but there is no law for breaking it, so hackers are doing their work without any issue.

Steps that are used to hack a Facebook account:

There are many software and techniques that you can use, but sometimes, software recovery is not helpful. Now discuss the hacking with forgetting password technique. Here, we are using some easy steps that you can use to hack a Facebook account.


Step #1

Open the Facebook login and write the user name and enter the random password. You will see the Facebook asking you about your password, and you choose forget the password or this user is not on Facebook. So, select the Forgot Password option.

Step #2

A new page will open in front of you, read the all detail and proceed according to it. You have to write the name of the targeted person.

Step #3

The page will ask you about your new password and also request to enter your email address and continue the process. The email means to open the email that the account has, not your own or else one.

Step #4

Facebook will send you secret code but it has only happened, if you have exact email and password of the person otherwise Facebook will send another message to the user that someone is trying to hack your account to keep your account safe from a hacker by changing the details.

Step #5

You cannot get the security code unless; you get the same mobile number and take the security code from there. If you are trying to hack someone, you don't know him personally then you can’t get the code because there is no way to access that person’s mobile.

Step #6

This step works when you get the security code. Otherwise, your all hard work will ruin. Enter the exact code and then continue by adding a new and unique password and enjoy.

Step #7

Facebook will ask you to log out from other devices than you have to say yes and then the account will belong to you.

You can also hack Facebook account with other methods like,

  • Through the Truth Spy app

  • With the help of Crack the password

  • Keylogger and many other techniques are used in hacking.

All these methods require necessary information on the specific account otherwise; there is no way to access the account. Facebook has its strict privacy policies that never allow anyone to break it and disturb any user. Some people do it intentionally, but some are just for fun. Whatever the reason, do not put someone into unwanted trouble.

If you hack someone’s account and later he/she knows about it, you might get in trouble because now the government is making a law on such issues and the punishment is much hard than you think. So better way is to keep yourself away from all these problems and admittedly do all things.




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