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5 Ways to Hack a Facebook Account

 5 Ways to Hack a Facebook Account

You’re not the only person searching for ways around facebook security.

We have all looked for a way at a time or another.

It may seem like a very difficult task, but in reality, it is not all that hard.

There are many quick ways to hack someone’s facebook account.

Here are five ways you can hack into someone else’s account.

Hack No. 1 -Get Facebook Account through Phishing

This is one of the most and easiest ways to hack someone’s facebook.

It uses an FB nulled look, here is how you do it.

Step 1 - Create a fake login page, that looks exactly like the original one.

Step 2 - Ask the victim to log in using Facebook credentials. Once they log in, the data is saved in a text file.

Step 3 - Download the text file, and hack into their ID.

Hack No. 2 - Get Data log through Keylogging

Keylogging is also another easy way to hack FB account.

In fact, it is so crafty that even the most careful people fall for it.

In fact, they don’t even have the slightest clue what is happening.

Keylogging doesn’t even require the person to login details anywhere, it is just a small program that sits in the back of the computer and does the work.

Step 1 - Download keylogger onto the victim’s computer.

Step 2 - The program records everything the victim’s type

Step 3 - The data is sent to the hacker either through email or by FTP


Hack No. 3 - Gain Access through Session Hijacking

If the victim is logging in on a non-secure HTTP connection, then session hijacking is the way to go.

This fb account hack is popularly used on WiFi and LAN.

The browser uses a cookie to authenticate the victim on the web. This cookie contains all the details and login details saved in a text file.

Through session hijacking, the hacker can extract that cookie and gain access to the victim’s account.


Hack No. 4 - Hacking through Mobile Phone Access

More people access Facebook on their mobile phones instead of their laptops.

It is actually pretty effective facebook hack if you can pull it off.

This method requires that the hacker gets hold of the victim’s phone physically.

Step 1 - Get hold of the victim's phone.

Step 2 - Make sure it is connected to the internet.

Step 3 - Download spying software such as Spy Phone Gold.

Step 4 - The data is then sent to the hacker on the given email address.

Hack No. 5 - Email Hacking

All our social media accounts are dependent on email addresses.

And thus it is the best gateway to haking the Facebook account of the victim.

In this method, the hackers exploit the option to reset the password given by every social media account.

Step 1 - Hack the victim’s email account.

Step 2 - Request to reset the password.

Step 3 - Set the new Facebook password.


These are few of the many easy and effective ways to hack someone’s Facebook account. Some require more skill than the other, others don’t require any. It is all about what you can pull off.

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