10 good reasons to hack fb account

Facebook good reason to hack an account

10 good reasons to hack Facebook account. Facebook is an American social networking service that lets its users post and communicate using post. The social media website was founded on the 21st of Feb 2006 and has since then grown to over 126 million daily users. It is one of the major social media networks on the planet. While the company has been losing its users in recent years, it still has a huge number of monthly users. It has slowly become a great source of news and debates on the internet. It was even the largest source of breaking news during the 2016 US presidential election, with over 40 million election-related posts being posted during election day.

With this many people actively using Facebook, it has become a hotbed for hackers. Most hackers even prefer Facebook accounts to credit card details. There are many tricks and tools a hacker can use to get access to your Facebook account. However, there are even white hat hackers. These are hackers who hack accounts for legitimate reasons.

Good reasons to hack Facebook accounts

Here are 10 good reasons why people might hack a Facebook account. Hacking is not always done with malicious intent and sometimes people do it to protect themselves. That said, it is illegal to hack with malicious intentions.

When you have forgotten your accounts password

Maybe you have not used your Facebook account in a very long time and have forgotten the password. You might not even be able to recover it using the standard recovery methods as you might no longer possess the email or phone number that you had linked with your Facebook account. In cases like this, you will need to hack to get back your profile.

When you have been hacked

There are many malicious people out on the internet who are focused on hacking other peoples accounts. Your account might have been affected by one such attack and could have changed your password. You are now in a state where all your personal information and documents are in a compromised state. The hacker might also be able to ruin your relationship with your contact by messaging with them. In cases like this, it is crucial that you get back your account. Hacking your already hacked account is one possible way. However, you must only resort to hacking if the standard recovery methods do not work and Facebook no longer recognizes you as the legitimate owner.

When another Facebook account uploads your confidential documents or pictures

Facebook has had a growing amount of scandals being revealed at its platform. Your confidential documents might have been released to the public using a Facebook account, even your private pictures might get leaked. In cases such as this, swift action is required. Hacking the account that is posting these online can help reduce the damage done to your business or public image. However, you must first inform Facebook and they will mostly be able to help ban these confidential images and documents.

Your child or nephew is breaching the terms and conditions

All that you need to create a Facebook account is a name and an email. The minimum age to join Facebook is 13 years, but many kids who are much younger enter a false date of birth and create Facebook accounts. These kids will then be susceptible to the negative influences of the online world. While you can sit them down and explain why they must not use Facebook at such a young age, a few kids might just not listen. In cases like this, hacking their Facebook handles lets you get the job done while being anonymous.

When you want to test the security of your account

We all want to know how secure our account is. While reading articles online and checking out Facebook’s security policy will suffice for most people, you might want to verify it yourself. So you could try to hack your own account to see if you are actually safe from potential hackers.

Bug bounty

Facebook offers monetary rewards for individuals who are able to find vulnerabilities in their platform. You can actually make a career out of finding vulnerabilities in online websites. The monetary rewards are significant and you will be able to sleep with knowing that you have helped protect the privacy of many people.

When there are fake profiles of you

It is a very simple process to create a Facebook account, you really don’t need to verify that you are who you say you are. This makes it very easy for fraudsters to create fake accounts. They just keep your name as their Facebook handle and upload one of your images as their profile picture. This will let them contact people you know and engage in conversations by deceiving people into thinking that they are you. Thus you can hack them to deactivate the account. However, your first step should be informing Facebook and letting them take action.

When someone authorizes you to hack their account

Your spouse or your friends account might have been compromised or they would have forgotten their password. In cases like this, your hacking skills can help them gain their account back in a fraction of the time.

When someone you know is dead

There is nothing sadder than going through the social media pages of someone who has recently passed away. Most people will presume that they are still alive and will be sending them messages and tagging them in posts. In cases like this, you might gain access to their accounts by hacking and deactivating their accounts for good. However, Facebook does have provisions that will let you provide the details about the deceased to them. They will then deactivate the account themselves.

When a Facebook user is incapacitated

When your family member has been hospitalized, you might want to deactivate their Facebook handle. While Facebook does have a provision where you can contact them to deactivate your account, you can do it yourself by hacking.


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